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At Heritage Park Interiors, we approach each project individually and build strong relationships with our clients so that together we can create a space that is right for you. We believe that your home tells a story and is a reflection of your personality which is  why we work closely with you to create timeless interiors that suit your needs and preferences.

Choose from our interior design, styling and sourcing services or contact us to discuss your individual requirements and for details on multiple room packages

We offer a free initial consultation where we chat about how we can work together to enhance your space. We would love to hear from you and would be delighted to discuss how we can help with your interiors project.


Interior Design

For those looking for a complete design service from start to finish for a room or an entire house, Heritage Park Interiors will manage all aspects of your project including spatial and concept planning, floor and wall selection, window treatments, furniture sourcing and finishing details. 

Styling Service

If you need some creative vision with an unfurnished room or help finishing a space, we create timeless and relaxing interiors with our styling services. 

We can work with your existing furniture and decor and bring in curated pieces which are available to purchase at the end of session at a discounted price. 

Properties that can be styled include:

  • Residential homes including kitchen, bathroom, home office and garden studio

  • Office spaces or commercial property

  • Property rentals or sales

  • Holiday accommodation

We also offer product styling for businesses. Contact us for further details on how we can work together.

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Sourcing Service

If you are looking for furniture or decorative items that you can’t find in the Heritage Park Interiors shop, we can source high quality, affordable antique and vintage pieces which will suit your home and personality. 

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